alpha m. Image Consulting

We are an international men’s image, style and personal development firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In 2006, after helping a friend get ready for a hot date and then doing a ton of research, Aaron Marino realized there were no resources for average guys to get solid, simple, real-world advice on how to look their best. Sure, there are a handful of men’s fashion magazines, but they are not realistic for 95% of the men out there.

Aaron doesn't care what the latest and greatest brand of overpriced designer jeans are… that, truthfully, don’t look good on anyone other than the 6’2” 145 lb. model who is wearing them. This is not reality for guys like me, guys like my father and your brother, and probably not for guys like you. We don’t care what is happening on the runways of Milan and Paris. We simply want to know if the chicks will dig it!

As men, we are taught to study hard, get a good job, marry a pretty girl, and raise 2.5 reasonably well adjusted kids. No one ever teaches or encourages us to look good or value the importance of image. And when we do, we are called names like Metro-sexu-al. As if taking pride in our appearance is something to be ashamed of. Well, to those people, we say sit back and watch as we pass you going up the corporate ladder, and get the women you were just rejected by!

In 2006…

We started alpha m. Image Consulting to help others realize their true potential, both professionally and socially. The response was immediate and remarkable, and confirmed our belief that men needed help in this arena. In an attempt to reach a larger audience, Aaron began posting YouTube videos, which was a game changer for alpha m. Our image and style advice was now being viewed by guys throughout the globe.

What we have learned is that we may live in different countries with different styles and traditions, but we all want to look and feel the best we possibly can. Confidence is universal! And although in-person and online consultations have been retired, the Alpha M. Project is still going strong, the Alpha M. YouTube Channel is approaching 6 million subscribers, and the Alpha M. with Aaron Marino Facebook Group continues to grow by leaps-and-bounds.

Alpha M. has helped thousands of men throughout the world look and feel incredible. My question to you is… are you next? Check out our selection of e-products in our store to boost your style & confidence or even start help others with your own consulting business.