3 Advanced Flirting Methods that Drive Women WILD {STEAL THESE LINES}

November 23, 2022
My goal is simple: to help you to become a flirting ninja because flirting is one of those skills that you can develop and improve. Many videos teach the basics, including eye contact, posture, what to say and not to say, and more. I’m taking it to the next level by going over three advanced flirting techniques guaranteed to drive those spicy señoritas loco. I’m also going to give examples you can use when flirting in person or over text messaging, as these techniques can be used in both scenarios.

All three scenarios take a bit of practice. They are designed to make the person you’re flirting with question your interest. It’s playful banter that will help build your chemistry and allow you both to have your secret communication style, which is to your advantage because other guys hitting her won’t be doing this. They will be more straightforward, basic, and boring. If you learn to playfully banter, make her think you’re interested and then not interested, and have her think you have higher standards than her, it’s incredibly powerful. She wants to be your type, and if she doesn’t feel like she is, she will work harder to get you.

These techniques take a bit of practice but the more you practice, the more you’ll get it right. Also, these three techniques are designed for when you have already talked to someone you’re interested in or engaged in prior. These won’t work for going out to somebody cold. You have to have a relationship with them, whether it’s a co-worker, a barista at Starbucks, or somebody you’ve run into a few times.

Advanced Flirting Methods

  1. Playful disqualification. Playful disqualification is not trying to knock a woman down off her pedestal. Instead, this uplifting, friendly banter makes her think you have higher standards. It basically levels the playing field in terms of attraction and flirting period. Check out my examples using pizza and music.
  2. Reverse the roll. You let her think that you think that she’s trying to get your sausage. You let her believe that you feel that she’s flirting with you. She knows you’re playing, but she’s going to question herself regarding flirting. This will build excitement and anticipation along with sexual tension.
  3. Push-pull. You show interest, and then you indicate that you’re not interested. Then you show your interest again, and then you back off. It’s a cycle like throwing a boomerang that comes back and goes out again. Check out my examples. It’s all about the dichotomy of interest and not interest. The push-pull makes her wonder whether you are interested. So, she is more apt to be more excited when you return to give her another compliment or escalate it further.

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