My Story

Have you ever heard someone say they were born to do something?

Well, I’m that someone and I was born to do this! I know some of you are scratching your head and saying to yourself, “you were born to help dudes pick out underwear and talk about manscaping?” Well, the short answer is yes, but the long answer goes something like this.

I have always understood the importance of image. My mother loves to tell the story of my first day of kindergarten when I insisted on wrapping an entire roll of scotch tape around the ankles of my jeans before going to school, in order to create a more aesthetically clean look and line. (Come on… my favorite super heroes wouldn’t be caught dead with flared pants and I figured neither should I!) Little did we know the foundation of my life’s calling was being laid that day.

Fast forward five years or so…

…and as my mother casually glanced out the window one day, she saw little old me in the midst of giving my first official haircut. Somehow I convinced my 4th grade neighbor, Chris, that not only was it time for an updated hairstyle, but I was the man for the job. And quite a hairstyle it was! Needless to say, we both got punished.

My Story

All through my high school years, my family struggled financially, so most of my clothes came from discount stores and thrift shops. Despite where I shopped, something interesting happened my senior year. Wouldn’t you know, little thrift store Alpha was voted best dressed by his classmates. This wasn’t the point in my bio where I decided to start patting myself on the back (that comes later), but it was the time I realized looking good isn’t about how much money you have or spend on clothes – you can look great no matter what your financial situation is; you just need a little initiative and creativity.

The next four years of college were pretty uneventful. I thought money was tight in high school, but the four years I spent in wild, wonderful Morgantown, WV gave me a new perspective on being broke with a capital BRO! One way I made extra money was cutting my roommates’ hair: 10 min – 5 bucks. Not great, but at the time not bad. I graduated college in four years with a degree in business management, and quickly realized that in the real world, I didn’t know dog squeeze about business until I opened my own.

For six years I transformed the lives of hundreds of men and women…

…through one of my true passions –fitness. That’s right; I opened a fitness center and turned a childhood dream into a reality. It wasn’t long until I realized I loved helping people reach their physical potential, but owning a gym, not so much. So, my lifelong dream of health club ownership quickly became a valuable (and expensive) learning experience.

But, if it wasn’t for the fitness business, I would have never met Steve. Who is Steve, you may ask, and why was he so instrumen-tal to my professional development? Great question. Steve was Alpha M’s first client, unbeknownst to both of us at the time.

One fateful day, Steve approached me with a unique request.

He had a hot date, and not knowing what to wear, asked me for some suggestions. After thinking about it for nearly a second, I said, “Why don’t I swing by your place, check out what you have, and if you need something we can go shopping? While we’re out and about, we should visit my hair stylist for a new cut. And by the way… you have got to do something about those nose hairs”! So, the strategy was set; we picked a day, we worked the plan, and as fate would have it, the foundation for a business model was built.

A few years later, I was fortunate enough to sell my fitness center, and made a decision that would change my life, as well as thousands of other men’s. I had a hunch I could build a successful business helping men look their best, while feeling great about themselves. For the next six months, I immersed myself in all things style, grooming, and wardrobe to learn all I could about the key aspects and elements of male style, image, and personal presentation.

Six years and thousands of clients later, here I am doing what I was born to do… help you reach your full potential!


Dear Aaron, I have recently been put into a situation where, for the first time in my life, I both feel comfortable with and have the resources to improve my image. I am a computer scientist. The reason for this is because virtually limitless information is provided free of charge, and I can understand everything. Furthermore, I love customization and that is reflected in my extremely niche bullsh!t impractical computer setup (to put this into perspective, you wouldn’t even know what you were looking at). Your videos have provided for fashion what man pages (a type of documentation, manuals, in Unix-like computer systems) do for me in computers. They provide comprehensive documentation that allows me to understanding everything; i.e. allowing me to master my own image, and to create it exactly how I want. Thank you for providing this extremely useful and meaningful contribution to the world. I strive to achieve something as meaningful in my life.

- Seth