In Person Services

alpha to you

Don’t have time to come to Atlanta? No problem – I can come to you! Please contact me for details and rates.

shopping safari

$1500 / 4 hr

Hate to shop? Don’t know which stores have what you need? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how and where to shop in order to save money and still get quality clothing? Let me show you that shopping can be an adventure as we hunt for the perfect clothes at the perfect price.

Prior to our shopping safari we will discuss your needs and what you would like to go “hunting” for. Then, depending on what we will be shopping for, I will design our strategy and plan. I will either pick you up at your home/office, or we can meet at the store that will serve as our fashion “Ground Zero”. From there we will shop until we have captured the desired clothes.

Shopping is not limited to one store, so we will cover all the bases. We can limit ourselves to the stores in your local mall, or we can visit some of the great boutiques and discount stores we know.

male makeover 2day


This complete makeover has the same goals and outcome of the Male Makeover Express, but is done at semi-warp speed. The session is broken down into two fun-filled days, with day one concluding at one of Atlanta’s finest restaurants, where we will dine like gentlemen and have a drink or two (my treat). You are responsible for wardrobe purchases, hotel and airfare costs if applicable.

Aaron Marino In person services

male makeover express


The Male Makeover Express is our most popular service, and will have you looking and feeling like a new and improved man in one long action packed day!

The day starts out with a complete wardrobe analysis and consultation. We analyze everything that is in your closet and hiding in your dresser drawers – focusing on fit, function and fashion. We analyze how your clothes fit, clothing and shoe condition and style, and purge your wardrobe of everything that needs to go. As men, we tend to hold onto things long past their looking good, being in style and quite frankly… fitting. By the end of this phase, you will be confident that all the clothes hanging in your closet look good and work for you.

Next, you’re off to get a hair cut. We arrange for you to be pampered by our favorite salon and get a fresh, new hair cut. If you need a new style or just a good cut, we make it happen!

Following the salon, we break for lunch before we hit the stores. We will shop some of the finest men’s stores offering the best selections, quality and prices. Our goal is to shop for articles of clothing and accessories missing from your fashion arsenal; based on your “must-have” list of necessary items to incorporate your old wardrobe with the new. And we never spend more than you are comfortable spending.

Once shopping is complete, we return to your home or hotel room and coordinate your new wardrobe – blending the old with the new. Pictures are taken of every outfit and combina-tion, and are later emailed to you for your future reference.

This complete makeover takes between 10 and 12 hours and includes: Aaron’s services, haircut, shopping, lunch and pho-tography. You are responsible for wardrobe purchases, hotel and airfare costs if applicable.

ultimate alpha m. experience


Time for you to sit back, relax and let Alpha take care of the rest! The ultimate Alpha M. Experience is designed for the man who wants to combine image enhancing work with a little additional pampering and luxury. Here is how the weekend works.

Upon your arrival in Atlanta on Friday, you will be met at the airport by your driver (& Alpha) who will take us to the first phase of your weekend. Phase one is all about relaxation, as we spend some time decompressing at the spa with a facial (no, they aren’t just for chicks) and an incredible massage (the legal kind!). Next, we are off to a nice dinner to enjoy a great meal, a drink or two, and some good conversation. After dinner you will be taken to your hotel to turn in for the evening, since we get to work bright and early (9am) the next morning.

The day starts out with a wardrobe analysis and consultation. You will bring along as much of your wardrobe or key pieces as possible, and we will analyze everything for fit, function, and fashion. As with the other makeovers, we analyze the fit, condition, and style of your clothing and shoes, eliminating anything that does not suit your needs.

We then proceed to my favorite salon where you will be pampered with personal attention and receive a haircut of your choice. Whether it is a new style or great cut you’re after, one of Atlanta’s finest stylist will work his magic!

We break for lunch before beginning your shopping spree. We then visit some of Atlanta’s handpicked men’s stores to shop for the items your wardrobe needs to be complete, in addition to any other clothing you desire to build your fashion arsenal. As always, we never spend more than you are comfortable spending.

Once we hit a good stopping point for the day, we will return to your hotel to pick out your evening outfit and to freshen up. When you are ready, our driver will take us to dinner at one of Atlanta’s finest restaurants. After dining, we will attend a special event of your choice. Like sports? Maybe we can catch a game. Into live music? How about a show? Just want to hit a club or bar to let your hair down? The bottom line is we go out and have fun!

Sunday begins a little later (11am), when we conclude the shopping portion of your weekend, and finish buying those items we didn’t manage to grab the day before. Once we have gotten everything you need, we will return to the hotel to put your Image Catalog together. The Image Catalog is comprised of photos based on your new wardrobe, which you will be able to reference to easily recre-ate the same outfits and great looks in the future. Photos and a personalized video will be sent to you the week following your trip. When finished, I take you and your new exciting wardrobe back to the airport for your return flight.

The Ultimate Alpha M. Experience includes: Aaron’s services, hotel, ground transportation in Atlanta, spa package, hair cut, all meals and entertainment. You are responsible for wardrobe purchases and airfare costs.