Career Training

Have you been thinking about a career change? Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you have an eye for fashion and style or do your friends always ask you questions about what they should wear? If this is you, read below to find out how alpha m. can kickstart that independent and autonomous career of yours!

Virtual Consultant Training  | Foundation Program and Premium Package

Aaron Marino of alpha m. Image Consulting, IAmAlphaM, and Pete & Pedro is a successful entrepreneur and highly sought after image consultant. He knows first-hand what it takes to operate a profitable business. Subsequently, he receives countless emails per day inquiring how to start an image consulting business and asking how he got his foot in the door to this fun and exciting industry.

Now is your chance to get in on the action! Aaron, aka Alpha, presents the alpha m. Virtual Consultant Training that includes his insider tricks, Alpha Tips, and expert advice about how to start an image consulting business. Alpha provides solid advice, and unlike other resources out there, this program is practical. He takes program from theoretical to implementation with simple and easy to understand terminology and instruction. Alpha reveals what worked for him, provides foundation info & direction, and helps you start your new career.

Aaron Marino Virtual Consultant Training

The Foundation Program includes:

  • Instructional videos on varied topics such as ‘how to be an image consultant’, ‘the analysis’, ‘starting your business’, ‘marketing your business’, and more!
  • Access to the instructional videos is unlimited. Watch as many times as needed.
  • Each video has an accompanying notes section, highlighting important aspects from the topic discussed for ease of reference.
  • Playlists of videos are provided to enhance the learning experience.
  • Valuable ‘Alpha Tips’ are presented throughout.
  • Links to books, products, and other mentioned items are listed under respective videos.

The Premium Package also includes all of this PLUS a one hour Skype session with Aaron Marino. Please provide an outline of topic requests three days prior to the scheduled Skype session to the email provided. We recommend participants watch all instructional videos and read all notes for respective videos prior to developing the outline of Skype topics.

Within the pdf download, all instructional videos, notes, and links are provided. Each page’s banner image is linked to a video pertaining to the section’s topic. All videos are published on YouTube. So, simply click and you’re good to go! A synopsis of the topic is detailed under the video along with pertinent links and notes that accompany the training topic. And by all means, if you need to hear the topic again for a second, third, or even forth time, you may watch the videos as many times as needed.

Success is what you put into it, with discipline and drive you can succeed. If you can persevere, are creative, and have passion, you will succeed. Couple your discipline and drive with the Alpha M. Training Program and you will be unstoppable!

Foundation Program $97

Premium Package $347


Image Consultant Career Workshop

alpha m is blazing a new trail in this hot and lucrative field. Image consulting is a fast growing industry that is not only personally rewarding but financially lucrative as well. Take advantage of the fastest growing, virtually untapped market in image consulting and learn how to be successful with minimal risk and overhead.

You have the chance to get in on the ground floor and bring our unique product to your town and clients. Image consulting is a fun and well paying career that has unlimited earning potential. Work part-time? Work full-time? It is all up to you!

If you have a good eye for what makes guys look their best, you can do it! As far as helping you gain confidence, charisma, and skillfulness in order to market yourself as an Image Consultant, alpha m. will give you the tools and then you use those tools to make it happen!

Aaron Marino Career Workshop

Why Alpha M Over the Others?

Where other image consultant workshops focuses on women, makeup and color pallets, alpha m developed the only male-centric image career workshop based on their very successful business and loyal following. alpha m’s career workshop is designed to fit into any schedule with ease and cuts-out the **fluff**. alpha m teaches what is necessary to limit risk and maximize potential.

alpha m.’s workshop breaks-down the mystery of image consulting and catapults you into your new career. We look at the industry from a logical, real-world perspective, assisting and guiding participants to a fun and fulfilling business and career. Emphasis is placed on the tools needed to successfully service image & style needs of men as well as lucratively own & operate a business.

The image consultant workshop is not alpha m’s primary business– the company earns TWICE as much with one makeover session in ONE DAY than assisting people in setting-up their business. So why do we do it? We do it because seeing consultants succeed is very rewarding, gratifying, and fun!

Certification Course Outline

The complete course is comprised of (1) workshop sessions with accompanying field work & certification spanning several days and (2) continued support from alpha m. for 3 months. The sessions and field work are comprised of the following parts:

Part 1 Breaking down the art of consulting and instruction about how to successfully work with clients.

Topics Include:

  • Philosophy of an alpha m consultant
  • Industry overview
  • Trends and analysis
  • Understanding the client: who they are, where to find them, what they want, how to help and how to analyze their needs
  • Fashion fundamentals
  • Fashion tricks
  • Fashion & color psychology
Part 2 Field work including how to shop for men, where to shop for men, and image analysis.
Part 3 How to own and operate a business knowledgeably and competently.
  • How to start , run and operate your own business
  • How to find clients
  • How to perform consultations
  • How to sell you and your service
  • Pricing & Packages
  • Networking
  • Developing marketing and advertising that works
  • Business name help
  • Website development
  • How to mold seminars and workshops to generate interest
  • How to walk the walk and talk the talk
Part 4 Evaluation, recap, and certification conclusion. Certification is achieved upon successful completion of the image consultant career workshop.
Part 5 After attending alpha m’s career workshop, alpha m will remain your mentor, coach, and support.

alpha m continues to guide and encourage you and your business through weekly and eventually monthly correspondence. You and your website are linked to the corporate alpha m site, and alpha m also promotes you and your business through national marketing outlets. Note that those who complete the workshop are not alpha m. consultants.

alpha m Certification

Participants who successfully complete the career workshop are awarded the charter, certification marks, and designation as a Certified Image Consultant of alpha m. Image Consulting with all rights, honors, and privileges such as being linked to alpha m.’s website, promotion through alpha m., and perks from the workshop. Participants must satisfy the education, experience, ethics, and testing criteria in the fields of style, fashion, image, and grooming to be accepted as Certified Image Consultants of alpha m. Image Consulting. The Certification demonstrates that standards of professional accomplishment in areas related to consulting competencies, professional behavior, client & project management, and personal conduct as a male centric image consultant have been achieved through the scrutiny, supervision, and training of alpha m.

What to Expect from the alpha m. Workshop

alpha m trains participants to be an Image Consultant and helps to establish the company and market the business. As the workshop is initiated, a Business Workshop Manual is issued, and “homework” is completed. Additionally, the workshop sessions define the business and identifies the services, market and strategy. All materials, tactics, and strategies are emailed for reference during the workshop. A basic, starter 4-page website is also included in with the workshop (domain name purchase and hosting account not included). Thereafter, Aaron Marino continues as a guidance counselor for 3 months as needed. The time-frame for your business to be up-and-running is approximately 2 months.

An Image Consulting firm is a business is like any other business: results are driven from effort, time invested, solid tactics & strategies, and attention to detail. alpha m will assist with the company creation as well as instruct about how to be an effective image consultant, efficient business owner, marketer of services, and more. Image consulting requires smart advertising and marketing– this is where skill and experience comes into play. Also keep in mind that alpha m does not do it for you. That is your job. alpha m is the support to get the company set-up and skills developed as an image consultant.

Register for the Career Workshop


The workshop is $5,900 and includes transportation, accommodations, meals, four (4) page basic starter website (see below), image consultant career workshop, and alpha m. certification. Please note that air-fare is your responsibility. A deposit of 50% is due to register and reserve your spot. This fee is non refundable; however it is transferable. Space is limited so please email us with any questions.

Included with the career workshop is a four (4) page basic starter website, an estimated $500.00 value. A secure domain name and hosting must be secured prior to beginning the website project. If expansion of the basic starter site is desired, alpha m’s web designer will be more than happy to take your website to the next level.