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Stop wasting your time and let me teach you how to succeed at internet dating.

    • To Wink or not to Wink
    • Spotting a Fake Profile
    • 10 Perfect Profiles for you to Use
    • How to Pick the Perfect Profile Picture
    • How to Craft the Perfect Profile Headline
    • How to Craft the Perfect Contact Email
    • How to Get a Response

I’ll help you unlock to mysteries of internet dating and open up a world of opportunities you never knew existed!



So, by following my advice you have a new problem … too many dates and too little time!

    • Where to Meet Incredible Singles in the Real World
    • How to Approach and What to Say
    • What to Wear on that First Date
    • Where to Go to Make a Lasting Impression

In addition, you will find 12 original articles that will help ensure your dating and relationship success!


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Feel Incredible.
Date More.

“Alpha, I’m reaching out to give a quick thank you for your dating advice. About a year ago, I got divorced and was not in a great place emotionally. One of my buddies said I should try internet dating to meet some new people to take my mind off things. After four months with virtually no success, I was even more depressed than before I started. After taking your advice and making the changes you talk about on the DVDs, I had 3 amazing dates last week and have 2 more lined up this week. It’s like Christmas every time I open my email! You have helped me more than words can say.”

- Ted R.

“My old problem was that only ugly girls would email me. My new problem is picking which HOTTIE to take out first! This is incredible, man!!”

- Tony B.

“Last night, I went out with one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. Never in a million years would I have thought she would be interested in me. While we were out, I asked her why she responded to my email (apparently attractive women get hundreds of emails a day). She said that my profile made her laugh. You are a genius my friend!”

- Bryan A.

“Just wanted to send you an email to say thanks for all the cool date ideas you give. I would always draw a blank when trying to think of fun things to do on a first date. I took your advice and it went great. She said it was one of the best dates she has ever been on. We even ended the night with a kiss and set up date number two.”

- Rodrigo M.